Seashell Cakes

The collections are for 'just shells' & pearls for you, a family member, your local baker or caterer to decorate your wedding cake.  Shells in collections range from a 3" to 1/2" mixed shells, including 1/2" -3 1/2"" clam shells, 2"-3" spindles & whelks,  1 1/2" - 3" starfish, 1 1/2"-2 1/2" sandollars  etc... collections of 75 or more include a 6' conch shell.  Quantities  of each shell depends on collections.   

I hand select the shells in each collection for the sizes of cakes recommended based on what I would want to see on my cakes that I would do if you were my bride, many molds are one of a kind,  I also take the time to hand trim and paint the shells as needed for the look you want, you are purchasing a collection of  "Sugar Art" not just molded chocolate there is a big difference in quality of our product.


Please browse our galleries, Q&A page and my on line catalogue for collections and prices.  If you have any ??s please ask
Monterey Bay 115 plus seahorse couple topperBeachcomber 115 
plus sugar calla liliesIsland Pleasure Special Order extra large scallop shells plus shell mix plus Seahorse couple topper Island Pleasure Special OrderBeachcomber 40 modified shells by request plus seaturtle plus mini orchidsIsland Pleasures 75 plus
sugar stargazers  and misc flowersIsland Pleasures 75 plus calla lilliesIsland Pleasures 115 plus sugar stargazersIsland Pleasure shell varietyMonterey Bay Special Order
xlarge scallop shells plus shell mixture plus seahorse topperMonterey Bay 115Monterey Bay Special OrderSpecial Order pink pearl 40 plus 2 sugar dolphinsIsland Pleasures 40 plus key lime sugar stargazers plus seahorse couple topperMonterey Bay 75 plus seahorse couple topperSpecial Order Ice Pink Pearl 115 plus seahorse couple topper pluse sugar calla lilliesSeahorse couple topper close up ice pink pearlIsland Pleasures 40  special order   modified to include large 6" conchBeachcomber 40 plus fresh greens and sunflowersMonterey Bay 115 plus seahorse couple topper.  netting can not be shippedMonterey Bay 75 pluse seahorse couple topperBlue Lagoon
The cake photos shown on this page are ALL cakes & chocolates that I have personally created over my 22 years as a cake decorator here in Florida.
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