"Topsy Turvy, Mad Hatter, Dr Suez, Funky"
all terms used to describe these fun cakes.. 

a few things to remember when considering these types of cakes.

The cakes with the angled shaped tiers require starting with a 6"  high cake and cutting it to an angle which requires apx 50% more cake than the standard 4" high straight cakes and loosing apx 25% to waste and you are not getting any more cuts just taller cuts on that side... and the angle cakes can ONLY be done in fondant and due to the "law of gravity" are a higher risk cake for us to create & deliver..  and all of this is reflected in the pricing of these cakes.  

You may want to consider similar designs but have the only angle on the top cake (see image 3 & 15) for less waste and no slipping concerns.
or like in images 12 & 16 no angles but the use of bright colors and fun designs.  These are both buttercream iced cakes using fondant embellishments 

Bright or dark colors in buttercream ....Please consider that these colors can discolor your guest mouths... When mentioning this to most of the teenage guest of honors..
their replies were basicly the same...
"what a great picture that will make!" 

A true topsy turvy or mad hatter cake
begins at $750.