Fountain Cake set up with double stairs pink & black accents serving 150Using fresh flowers served 200Using fresh flowers and tulle served 85Unique fountain set up using silk flowers serving 85 also used fondant icingserved 185 using silk ivy and fresh flowersSquare cakes using buttercream icing with fondant accents and silk flowers served 250Stair step set up on bubbler tubes (no longer available)  served 65Buttercream iced using fresh flowers served 150Buttercream iced using fresh flowers served 110Buttercream iced using silk ivy and cherub stands (no longer available) and heart shaped satellite cakes serving 150another unique cake set up .. all cake along the bottom with an 18" 1/2 round cake in the front buttercream iced...  using fresh flowers serving 250 Buttercream iced with fresh flowers serving 150 backdrop was the Courtyard by Marriot on Hutcinson Island, Jensen BeachButtercream iced using silk ivy and cherub stands (no longer available) and 2 round satellite cakes serving 150buttercream iced cake using fresh flowers and Wilton's Gazebo kit (no longer available) serving 150
Yes, fountain set ups are still alive and well.  
Cakes serving up from 85-125 cake be set up over or besides a fountain set up..
Cakes serving 150 or more can be set up using stairs/bridges with satellite cakes off to the sides.
I will furnish stands, bridges, fountains and a basic green silk ivy... any other fresh or silk  flowers, ornaments, tulle or fabrics can be furnished by you and I will arrange as planned.
Fountain & stand rentals only available and additional refundable deposits are required.